Benchmarks for Resourcing Services

The introduction of digital technologies in global markets has disrupted the way we buy and sell products and services. Competitive performance in global business workplace is steadily rising with new opportunities and challenges. As business processes becomes more complex, so are its measurements. So how do we know if a implemented business process aligns to the best practices and is there a way we can quantify them? These are several questions that we often desire to answer. Bench marking a business process is a need that every organization should built, when creating a high level design of their business process for any transformation initiative. For example, we may need to bench mark the processes to understand the adequacy of automation or the extent to which we should use the technology. Often decisions need to be made and taking a business transformation decision based on an objective criteria helps an organization to implement a real good business process.

It is often the desire to offer better services to our customers and clients, that we at PMC, has a deep rooted culture to standardize the benchmarks of any service(s) that we offer.

The entire resourcing and recruiting ecosystem has been reshaped for the larger benefits of projects and programs. IT projects critically depends on the human resources it engages to perform and its success or failure depends directly on the skills that an organization is able to deliver to its project managers.

Good metrics may require to be carefully selected and consistently measured and followed. Good data sourced from accurate systems is critical for quantification and building a usable resourcing analytics. Today, the technology has great enablers to provide this data and their are several customized dashboards to follow upon these metrics.

As it is said “20th century recruiting models was about filling seats, but the 21st century models are driving the business results“.

Hence, their is a need to bring in a level of sophistication and rigor in the resourcing models. Corporate resourcing is generally handled by experienced resource managers with skills in customer service, HR processes, related project tasks details and project management. RDMs are managing the most demanding aspects of the projects. The key metrics related to their engagement role refers to:

  1. Efficiency – Time and cost
  2. Effectiveness – Candidate’s skills and fit
  3. Business results  – Overall impact on the bottom lines

As organizations mature, the metrics become more relevant to the overall resourcing performance(s):

S.No. Performance  Metrics
1 Time Time to source
2 Time to process & select
3 Time to interview & access
4 Time to offer
5 Time to hire
6 Time to start
7 Cost Cost per Hire
8 Recruiting cost ratio
9 Recruiting efficiency ratio
10 Sourcing Analysis Number of submits
11 Cost per lead
12 Ratio  submits to hire
13 Number of hires
14 Cost per hire
15 Diversity contribution
16 Pipeline Quality total resumes / candidates
17 candidates / interviews
18 interviews / offers
19 offers / close
20 Candidate Quality Resume vs. job requirements
21 Pre-hire job performance

These are some of the widely used metrics while assessing a resourcing process for an organization.






Which is a Better Option? Building In-House Teams OR Outsourcing IT Projects

Hiring contractual resources is a great way to deliver projects within budgets and schedule.

To deliver projects within the short timelines with minimum budgets and low cost and resource related risks is a reality of most IT projects and programs. 

Outsourced resources and freelancers are generally multi-skilled, more confident, motivated to complete the tasks with time schedules and well groomed to undertake difficult tasks.  It helps projectized organizations in many ways:

Mitigate human resource related risks by transferring risks to contracting partners

Overall low cost structure. Can save upto 25-30% of project costs on resource intensive projects

Flexible pool of skilled resources leveraging the most appropriate skills to work on specialized tasks

Special skills and specialized equipment and software expertise

Scalable capacities with out of box solutions and fast tracked deliveries

Helps mitigate the training costs

Quick Ramp-up and Ramp-downs within project plan schedules

Hiring in-house teams can be a cumbersome and a time consuming process. On-boarding may take up to several weeks. In-house developers may need on-job trainings and organizations need to invest in fast track programs to meet client specific objectives and delivery expectations.

Outsourced partners also bring in an additional level of project management skills and subject matter expertise to help solution design, delivery plan, client relationship management and add value to project teams by boosting client engagements at different levels.

Overall Good value through competition!!

To keep a balance with the combination of in-house team work and outsourced jobs is a great project management practice specially when driving global engagements with complex tasks, short delivery timelines and very tight budgets.

At PMC, we built networks of freelancers and outsourced workforce that goes through multiple iterations of knowledge enhancement opportunities, more exposure to learn new technologies, greater bandwidth to handle multiple assignments.

PMC IDC is Recruiting Software Marketing Professionals

Business Development Manager
₹50,000-80,000 / month (As per the industry standards)
Business Development Manager (BDM) with 3-5 years of experience in Marketing or Sales having a flair for sales in digital technologies and eCommerce businesses
Minimum qualifications:
MBA in Marketing with minimum 3 years experience in Software or eCommerce businesses.
Good Communication skills
Knowledge of ERP systems preferably SAP
Conversant with software / eCommerce businesses
Additional skills:
Experience in SEO, website development (Basic programing knowledge of HTML, JAVA), conversant with Google+, social media sites with interest and experience in Online promotions and Digital technologies.Understanding of Business development processes for startup organizations. For detailed understanding of our business processes and services, please visit our website: to travel in India and Aboard
Base Location shall be Noida (NCR)


Job Responsibilities:
Handling website updates and online promotional activities
Creating Techno-commercial proposals and presentations
Building client relations
Active participation in client facing activities
Lead generation and follow ups
Handling post sales activities
Participation in status & review meetings
Client account management


Please send your resumes at or
Joining: Immediate at Noida Location
Contact hours: 9 AM to 7 PM (all weekdays and weekends)

PMC, Noida, India

Introducing PMC Development and Support Centre

PMC is a service delivery organization that undertakes project subcontracting, resource augmentation, training and support delivery assignments. Since its inception in Sept 2013, we have delivered several SAP, HYBRIS and custom automated solutions in utilities, manufacturing, IT and consulting organizations.

Some the projects that IDC has delivered in SAP include:

  1. Automated AMI/MDUS interfaces for smart metering
  2. Warehouse Management implementation
  3. FIORI Apps for ECC and analytical / factsheets for HANA system
  4. ECC system enhancement pack upgrades
  5. SAP ISU L2 & L3 support for a global utility organization
  6. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 implementation
  7. 50+ corporate training
  8. Enabling SSO with ADFS for multiple systems and portals
  9. Implementing GDPR in automated interface ECC/PI systems
  10. eCommerce solutions using HYBRIS and SAP S/4HANA systems

We have also undertaken several resource augmentation assignments for implementation, training and support projects with global corporate like Walmart, Siemens, Barco, L&T, ATOS, BirlaSoft, Jacksons, British Council, ToolWay, TTx, JKT, NIIT, Accenture etc.

IDC is delivery focused consulting eco-system consisting of highly experienced and enthusiastic workforce of developers, consultants, SMEs, Freelancers with a total headcount of 40+ consultants.

IDC is a fully equipped and well managed software factory that operates as an offshore delivery centre for some of the global support and delivery projects.

Key technologies that IDC has delivered include:

SAP ECC, HANA, S/4HANA, FIORI, SAP HYBRIS eCommerce, Solution Manager, and several customized solutions like SSO, GDPR, IGST implementations and supports.

Building eCommerce Solution using SAP HYBRIS with S/4HANA Technologies

We delivered a HYBRIS based eCommerce solution for a machine tools manufacturing and sales organization in US/Canada. The complete portal is an integrated web based application customized for B2B customers with web front, synchronous / asynchronous integration with SAP HANA system, Data scanners, FTP image uploads, email notifications, CSV file, bulk order uploads with all the key elements of the web portal with UI components.

Order management (ORM) consist of inquiry, quotation creation with sales order processing integrated with S/4HANA CRM / SD modules. The integration uses DataHub with inbound and outbound impexes customized to the B2B customer needs.

HYBRIS project uses accelerators to map the best of breed elements of functions and images. It has configured WCMS cockpits, product cockpit, import cockpit, backoffice / administration cockpit, build frameworks with payment gateways.

HYBRIS enables flexible developments with performance and scalability. The integrated solution is also modular in nature that ensures minimum downtime in case of updates and modifications. It is also a multi language, multi vendor, multi channel platform for eCommerce businesses.

It uses spring MVC with restful commerce API’s. Also integrated is the helpdesk/ call center. SAP HYBRIS technologies also helps in handling bulk data. It enables customer to interact across  multiple channels.

SAP HYBRIS can be integrated with legacy SAP systems and HANA upgrades.

To know more and to get a quick insight, please write to us at: