Consulting Services: Master Data Governance, Data migration using Solution Manager enabled implementation projects

We deliver:

Contractual Services into data management solutions including data migration, data governance, data protection, data hub for Web fronts, cloud applications and integration with backend on-premise applications.

Key technologies are SAP Master Data Governance (MDG), NWBC, FRONT-END & BACK-END S4HANA applications, FIORI APPLICATIONS WITH NWBC INTERFACES, SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2, model company best practices with KPIs / Dash boards.

We are a group of freelance consultants, who are certified, trained and experienced, that is gained by working in several implementation assignments. We can provide out of box integration solutions with SOLMAN 7.2 in place.

Some projects that may be considered are:

  1. Implement E2E data migration/integrate Data Services/ MDG processes with Replication services – reuse & flex modes
  2. Implementation of SOLMAN systems
  3. Implementation of SAP MDG enabled master data governance
  4. Extract, Transform & Load master data migration tasks
  5. Data management including data protection compliance with SAP GDPR implementation
  6. Implementation of SAP FIORI Apps
  7. Implement custom objects / interfaces
  8. Implement CHaRM (Change Request Management)
  9. Implement Test work bench
  10. Implement technical monitoring / Business Process monitoring
  11. Implement EWA/SLA’s/RCA functions
  12. Implement SOLDOC / BPMN
  13. Project setup in SOLMAN

The service(s) are customized, solution building with mapping of existing business processes in data management. We have delivered several implementation assignments with 100% customization and integration with several systems like Microsoft EPM/MSP, smart metering etc.

We also deliver corporate trainings into the related technologies.

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