SAP MDG Training

To have a SAP EIM business case implemented, it is imperative to have clear understandings and insights into various building blocks of the complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) modules. Master data management has many dimensions and domains. Some are delivered out of box, while other ones needs to be enhanced out of the given building blocks and customized to the diverse requirements of enterprises.

Any implementation of master data management strategies, needs planing, due diligence, execution steps followed by another set of business processes to keep master data or reference data compliant across all components of business during the complete life cycle of master data.

Some of the key solutions that are built around master data management will involve data migration, file download/upload, data cleansing, key mappings, integration of business rules for entities of master data, data governance, monitoring of data quality, data analytics, data compliance, data archiving along with implementation of tools to manage the business activities related to data management.

Solutions are realized using selection of modules like SAP Data services, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Master Data Management tools, BRF+, SAP Master Data Governance, SAP Data Steward, SAP Data Hub, SAP Product Data Management and host of varied integration technologies across cloud & on-premise systems.

Implementation teams needs adept knowledge and experience in managing these technologies, tools and business processes. The project team members must be trained to build and handle master data management processes. The requirements and its solutions can be very complex. It is important to understand the configurations, reference data, master data to execute transactions that will drive the business processes to achieve the desired outcomes.

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