SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Services

Application Life cycle Management (ALM) uses Solution Manager applications to meet business requirements and implement key processes like IT service management, setting up a help desk, managing test cases and its test cycles, tracking business KPI’s, maintaining documentation, managing and updating several ERP managed systems, monitoring and reporting on several types of alerts and thresholds, managing data transfers between different systems with varied purposes, managing change requests and others.

The new SOLMAN 7.2 has transformed structures, UI’s and new functions that can be deployed and used as a central application. It offers an integrated platform to manage portfolios and projects with project management activities and solutions centrally such as end to end processes to collect requirements and deploy the solutions meeting industry specific best practices. It can be used to enhance the existing capabilities, monitor, detect and optimize the processes, correct the defects and fulfill the service requests. This way solution manager 7.2 is a comprehensive tool to deliver value in business process management.

There are many functional areas within SOLMAN 7.2, that will help eliminate the need of third party software like for managing incidents and testing activities.

PMC is actively involved with several clients to deliver their varied requirements such as enhancements, implementation, training and resourcing for client specific SOLMAN set-ups.

Some of the key functional areas, we deliver involves the following modules. We deliver E2E configurations, managed system configuration, application settings to implement client -specific set-ups of these functions. This involves roles and authorizations mapping.

  • IT service management (ITSM)
  • Change Request management (CHaRM)
  • Test Suite
  • Landscape transformation
  • Test Data Migration (TDMS)
  • Test Automation & Optimizer (TAO)
  • Solution Documentation (BPMN)
  • Job Management (JSM)
  • Custom Code Management (CCM)
  • Data Volume Management (DVM)
  • Solution Implementation

We also help setup the basic structures to built these applications like configuringĀ  – monitoring & alerting infrastructure (MAI), setting early watch alerts (EWA), building template libraries, business specific document types, creating system landscape (SLDs), deploying agents and managing metrics such as in Introscope manager, using system recommendations, creating business partners, deploying root cause analysis (RCA) to monitor and manage E2E workload analysis, exception analysis, change analysis and trace analysis.

We have developed specific learning and training SOLMAN curriculum for custom training, training server with remote connectivity and for DEMONSTRATION purposes. We help built in-house competencies at end user and consulting levels to enable the project teams deliver their client requirements.

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