Which is a Better Option? Building In-House Teams OR Outsourcing IT Projects

Hiring contractual resources is a great way to deliver projects within budgets and schedule.

To deliver projects within the short timelines with minimum budgets and low cost and resource related risks is a reality of most IT projects and programs. 

Outsourced resources and freelancers are generally multi-skilled, more confident, motivated to complete the tasks with time schedules and well groomed to undertake difficult tasks.  It helps projectized organizations in many ways:

Mitigate human resource related risks by transferring risks to contracting partners

Overall low cost structure. Can save upto 25-30% of project costs on resource intensive projects

Flexible pool of skilled resources leveraging the most appropriate skills to work on specialized tasks

Special skills and specialized equipment and software expertise

Scalable capacities with out of box solutions and fast tracked deliveries

Helps mitigate the training costs

Quick Ramp-up and Ramp-downs within project plan schedules

Hiring in-house teams can be a cumbersome and a time consuming process. On-boarding may take up to several weeks. In-house developers may need on-job trainings and organizations need to invest in fast track programs to meet client specific objectives and delivery expectations.

Outsourced partners also bring in an additional level of project management skills and subject matter expertise to help solution design, delivery plan, client relationship management and add value to project teams by boosting client engagements at different levels.

Overall Good value through competition!!

To keep a balance with the combination of in-house team work and outsourced jobs is a great project management practice specially when driving global engagements with complex tasks, short delivery timelines and very tight budgets.

At PMC, we built networks of freelancers and outsourced workforce that goes through multiple iterations of knowledge enhancement opportunities, more exposure to learn new technologies, greater bandwidth to handle multiple assignments.


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