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Power utility company has around 220 different business process scenarios within its electric division. To analyze the impact of changes in business process and/ or technical master data, there isa need to perform repeated test activities. The tests were based on either manual test steps or the use of complex custom excel based VB scripts.

This manual way of testing used to take more than two months of efforts to analyze change impacts on all 220 business scenarios. There were no error message handling options in excel scripts and there was also no way to keep trace of the steps, test data and reasons incase of any failure in the middle of running manual excel scripts.

To remove these manual testing ways and to bring more objectivity into the testing process, PMC was engaged to develop an automated test workbench with a fully scripted testing processes using the standard SAP tools. The project scope was to develop an integrated test system using SAP, PI and interface to communicate with smart metering software.

PMC automated AMI business processes using standard SAP e-CATT and solution manager 7.1 tools. Deploying the advanced ways of scripting, linking scripts, sourcing test data via external and internal test data banks in SAP e-CATT tool, we built automation of all AMI business scenarios. Using Solution Manager, we could run all these automated scenarios in bulk and have created logs that could show the result of testing in a short span of time.