PMC’s Business Model

We fulfill client’s business specific tasks and related resourcing needs by engaging pooled resources or by providing skilled manpower on contractual assignments. Our business plan consists of a customized business model that lays the foundation for the implementation of augmented resourcing business processes.

We have built core capabilities, partner networks and internal cost structures to offer a value proposition that delivers better customer relationship. All this has helped us build and sustain healthy revenue streams.

Open Assignments

We offer growth opportunities in resource augmentation and project based outsourcing models. To learn more and apply click here

PMC’s business model in a nutshell

The identified market segments consists of SAP installed business units, IT departments, workgroups and project teams in corporations.
The clear value propositions are
  • To facilitate matched skilled manpower at competitive rates.
  • To deliver the specialized tasks on-demand.
The elements of value chain are broad skilled pool of resources experienced and well-groomed to meet the SAP project needs.
We have a defined cost and profit structure that presently supports modest profit on resourcing and high profit on project-based services largely based on project management skill acumen to deliver within defined specifications.

Implementation considerations of resourcing / outsourcing processes

  At the core of PMC’s resourcing model is a pool of SAP skilled resources that are hired and retained by PMC and outsourced on contractual assignments.

  PMC has teaming partners that specialize in recruitment processes with access to wide network of resources to match the complex needs of each SAP business skill.

  We also provide ready to deploy hardware / software infrastructure that can be converted into project war rooms for offshore delivery.

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