Resourcing & Staffing Solutions

Gateway to career building and learning & development.

We undertake outsourced staffing assignments as contractual and long-term projects. We help corporates and projects find and develop the right mix of skills for all your SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA implementation and support projects. Help optimize project cost and schedules. Mitigate your project risks.

Strategy Development

You can transform your project into a revenue producing asset that churns your internal tasks into outsourced services.


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Open Assignments

We offer growth opportunities in resource augmentation and project based outsourcing models. To learn more and apply click here

Our differentiators

  • Optimize cost, mitigate risks, Outsourced skill development programs
  • Leveraging the network of recruiters and resource partners
  • In-house training assignments and internships
  • Fast track skill development for specialized project needs
  • Partnering with education institutions to build talent pool
  • Focus soft skill training in building core consulting skills
  • Vast network of recruitment partners for localized needs

Continual Improvement Beyond the Project Plans

Outsourcing help keeps the projects agile & stay competitive. It adds to your unique value chain and is a strategic management tool that allows an organization to focus on its core business objectives and competencies.
Outsourcing brings forth a unique blend of expertise and helps integrate evolving technologies with varied experiences. A right mix of expert judgement within project teams empowers the project management to deal with alternatives and complex tasks.
Outsourcing keeps project operational expenses and costs low. Resource related risks such as internal scarcity or non-availability, performing specialized business or technical function are minimized by engaging outsourced services.