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eCommerce software suite built to sell products and services in B2B & B2C markets. It helps enterprise wide businesses to manage and run complete suite of eCommerce business applications. It includes product content management, experience management, order management and is highly personalized for a comprehensive customer experiences (CX)

Its scalable, flexible and cost effective. Bringing numerous possibilities and innovations in B2C & B2B eCommerce businesses, SAP HYBRIS is a game changer for running enterprise wide eCommerce software solutions. With pricing flexibility, stock visibility, personalized order management, bulk orders and integrations across SAP and third-party systems.

Strategy Development

You can transform your project into a revenue producing asset that churns your internal tasks into outsourced services.


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Open Assignments

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Aligns with industry specific best practices, it offers:

  • B2C Commerce
  • Product Content and Catalog Management
  • Integrate processes with SAP S/4HANA & ECC systems
  • DataHub Integration
  • HYBRIS Sales Cloud
  • Product Media Management
  • SEO Optimization
  • B2B Commerce
  • Omni Channel Support
  • HYBRIS Marketing Cloud
  • HYBRIS Service Cloud
  • SAP HYBRIS Billing
  • SOLR Searches

PMC’s HYBRIS Delivery Centre is a one stop solution for…

PMC’s SAP HYBRIS Offerings include:


Business Case preparation



Solution architecture & Design

User experience Design

Integrations & extensions



Hard to emulate a sophisticated digital experience for eCommerce business. Online performance is a major setback, unable to handle peak time traffics. Slow down has been very common and shutdown is needed to update product inventories and pricing. There’s hardly a process driven approach to implement changes into a commerce site. Living up to the corporate standards and meeting ever growing demands of customers has been a nightmare for most commerce site. What was needed is a fully integrated and omni-channel operations that would offer high quality localized user experiences.
SAP HYBRIS offersa completely new platform as an alternative to challenges of localization, omni-channel presence and performance. The out-of-the-box omni-channel and internationalization features that HYBRIS accelerators provide can meet the needs of your brands and is equipped to be the harbinger of your business plans. Starting with the implementation of the Hybris Commerce Accelerator, gives you the flexibility to focus on customization. The function of Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) system keep product data streamlined far exceeding the capabilities of conventional commerce platforms. Hybris Customer Service solutions makes possible to respond to customer’s needs quickly and easily. It helps to centralize customer data all in one place. The complete implementation can be phased in several roll outs minimizing the risks and having better flexibility. The customers generally prefer this approach starting with a localized implementation and then plan to go international in the subsequent years. Total turn around time could be around 6 - 8 months.
Once launched, the new omni-channel site delivers an exponential traffic growth. The site does not fail in peak traffic conditions. The business focus can swiftly change to online-exclusive promotions and sales. It offers a seamless omni-channel buying and selling experience. The site outperforms all analytical performance and SEO optimization targets within a small period. The HYBRIS enabled site helps customers to personalize their buying experiences.
The site performance in localized environments brings the next step to expand and go global with internationalization. Taking full advantage of Hybris multi product offerings and scaling the operations with new features of online experience in-store, enabling sales personnel with the latest digital tools to enhance the shopping experience. The new challenge ahead will be a to keep pace with the experience, so you can get more out of the product and create a best of breed omni-channel experience for all of your customers.